Monday, June 14, 2010

First Time

Just came back from Ipoh NOR, having thousand thoughts in my mind....the Retreat is ok, fun, and at least can spend some times with my officers, watching TV together, joke about one and other together, go supermarket buy foods together and some experience on watching drama series in Car together..haha.. yes, no doubt, it's first time to me..

Review back, there are many 1st time to me in this NOR.. First time talking in front of all the officers who i dun familiar with-- end up ppl comments that i'm cute..(a bit pai seh when hear that).
First time sleep with Sook Ming, after we go so many camps.. this is the first time we sleep on the same bed.
First time seeing 4 ppl stay in a room, end up all kena flu because of 1 room mate flu..hahaha...
First time pray for somebody in mandarine, and i feel like talking alien language to that officer ^.^ pai seh....and
First time being put on table, became the National drill officer.

For me, this is a bit worry as i've no idea how to  handle this post. First time became a captain., i'm scare, yet i have the confident that i can manage it. But this time, i turn on the be worried as i don't really know what to do with this post.

Yes. no doubt that i love drill, and pressing so hard and putting high expectation on my GB girls, but after all, they are manage to reaching to my expectation level... Now, as the NDO, i'm in the midst of wondering, thinking whether i have the ability to take up the post or not.

A lot of questions in my mind... and i remember what my Nat. President shared this morning-- sometimes we are reluctant and refused on the ministry that we are serving in, but God put his plan in us. Most of the time we think we are doing donkey work, but we might not know that when we blessed others, someone will blessed us in return because God see how hard we have work, God knows our sorrow and worries.

These verses is stamping in my heart-- yes, God Knows! God is blessing me with a group of officers that support me all the time. From beginning until now, deeply in my heart knowing that they are supporting me... Thank you Jesus, thank you for this blessing....thank you for these group of officers...thank you for using me as a channel of blessing to others...thank you.... I believe that with this support from my council, i can walk with faith, taking up the new role and carry out my duty with the support from my council. Amen!

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